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Dante’s Smile is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) positioned to provide families at-risk of homelessness with practical resources to propel them towards a successful future. Dante’s Smile is seeking to build relationships with other companies and nonprofit organizations to offer services to families that will help them become self-sufficient members of society who give back to the community and have the potential to change the world.

Our aim is to help these families stay together while they are in a transitioning phase of life.  We will provide single­-family housing or rental assistance for nine to twelve months with access to mental health services, childcare, career development assistance, and financial literacy sessions.  A skilled case-manager will be assigned to each family to optimize the outcome of this opportunity including one year of check-ins after completion of the program.



To manage the immediate needs of families at-risk for homelessness in the metro Atlanta area by providing practical resources.



To empower families at-risk of homelessness in the metro Atlanta area by providing a community that offers holistic support cultivating thriving families who give back to their community and have the potential to change the world.


The goal of Dante’s Smile is to acquire land to build the Dante’s Smile Transformational Center that will house buildings for education, mental and physical health, and homes for participants.


Wholistic Health Services

  • Mental Health

  • Physical Health

  • Spiritual Health

  • Life Insurance

  • Medical Insurance

Personal Services

  • Single-Family Housing

  • Rental Assistance

  • Transportation

  • Childcare

Growth Opportunities

  • Career Development

  • College Entry Assistance

  • Financial Literacy

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